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We are TalkXO.

We are a digital solutions provider, built by design and technology. We specialize in building marketing funnels and implementing bottom-funnel tactics.

We work with changemaker businesses in understanding their audience better and converting them into customers.

Featured Case

Optimising for the top 10%

A campaign for an international investment fund where we successfully targeted and narrowed down the outreach results to the top 10% of their desired audience attributes, based on their household income — saving on the ad cost and pre-qualifying the leads.

strategic design & marketing

What we do

We deploy an intelligent digital marketing and customer engagement system for your business. Our goal is an increased customer lifetime value for your business.

Conversion funnel management

A planned journey for your target audience — from visitor to a customer.

Marketing automation

Intelligent setups to market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks.

Digital content production

Compelling content of all formats, that grabs attention, convinces & converts.

Customer research & insights

Dedicated study to be more mindful about your customers and how they work.


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OKR for Organic Growth

A collaborative goal-setting system for digital marketing teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results.

  • Objectives covering website to social media

  • Multiple key results to choose from

  • Flexible to adapt for small and big teams

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